Choosing The BEST Forex trading solutions for your brokerage

The best platform is one that fits all traders’ needs, where you can build your own trading strategies and effect transactions on your preferable instruments under one roof. It must act as a go-between for a retail broker and investors.

The most important requirements that the trading solution should fulfill are:

 It must also provide traders with real-time and historical data, as well as provide them with all types of orders, which should be available during trading sessions. Trading platform should also provide users with regular news updates so that they don’t need to switch between different windows or tabs in the browser.

Trading news – this functionality is present in all XOH Traders platforms

Types of orders – XOH Trader allows full access to all popular order types

Trading solutions for your brokerage

Definition of the best trading solution can vary for different, individual investors and depends on their particular preferences. However, we can point out the most important feature which you should consider before you finally choose the platform. We have divided basic requirements into two subgroups and presented it on the infographics below:


Remember, the trading platform is the core of your business. Your future clients will interact with the platform more often than with your brand or website. It should have good UX and UI experience.


The more features your platform have the bigger possibility of attracting new clients. It’s a good strategy for brokers to differentiate themselves and meet client’s demand by providing him or her with a platform having best functionalities.

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  • User

    Is there a conflict of interests between my forex business and you as mine technology provider?

    • X Open Hub

      “Your success is our success” is the motto we follow and support in 100%. This means we are fully prepared to offer any help or assistance you need on the road to success and prosperity.
      If you are a bank, broker, financial institution, you can learn about the benefits of being an X Open Hub institutional partner asking our sales team. We are currently cooperating with the world’s largest financial institutions, providing top quality services and high liquidity.

  • User

    Why should I use XOH Trader instead of MT4 native applications? MT4 is more popular…

    • X Open Hub

      X Open Hub created the complete, multi-asset trading platform for your brokerage. Innovative, intuitive and fully customizable. XOH Trader is a platform that allows to create a trading screen suited to your clients style. All settings, watch lists and work spaces are instantly accessible from desktop, phone, laptop or tablet. What is more XOH Trader has been created in the newest HTML5 technology.
      If you would like to cooperate with us or get more information, simply complete the contact form or email us at and we will guide you through the whole process.

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