White Label
Forex Solution

We understand that brokers want to differentiate themselves and meet client demand. We know that in this crowded market place there is no argument to do the same as every other broker. This is why we created X Open Hub – a trading environment where 3rd party software companies and developers can build on our API to create completely new front end trading systems.

The success of your business starts with the right platform
  • The best speed and quality of execution
  • No hosting costs (Cloud Solution)
  • Stability, reliability; compliant with regulators
  • 99,99% of system stability
The flexible and advanced back-office system
  • Markups and markdowns on the group level influence charts
  • Markups and markdowns on swaps
  • Local time zones supported both for clients and for the reporting tools (not only server time)
  • Fully customizable securities settings
  • No number of instrument limitation
IB Solution for FX Brokers and FX White Labels
  • Integrated IB system
  • Integrated MAM solution
  • Multi-asset trading platform
  • Full Trading environment for new institutional client can be set up in less than one hour
  • Integrated Trailing Stop
open API

Our API allows end-users and third parties to build fast, scalable trading applications for desktop and server deployment. xAPI is meticulously optimized, resulting in the lowest latency and highest throughput API available on the market.

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