How to Help your Traders Boost their Performance and Keep Them Trading

Keeping traders motivated

How to keep traders motivated to trade when they’re losing enthusiasm and want to back off? There are a few strategies you can apply to do that and even make them trade more dynamically.

First and foremost, you have to offer a platform that is user-friendly and can be easily comprehended by novices. It’s a good idea to educate traders in order to facilitate them to start the activity. Introducing them to some trading vocabulary in a simple, clear or entertaining way would be helpful. Offer some social trading solutions, since learning from more experienced trades may be encouraging for them, because they will know there’s someone willing to share the knowledge and describe the mistakes one can make while trading, in order to protect newbies from them. Owing to this, they’ll be less afraid of losing their money, because others warn them about some traps they could fall into while trading for the first time. Their motivation to trade will be higher if they will be able to avoid some dangers they’ll get to know about from other, more experienced traders.

Building trustworthiness

Another thing you have to remember about is that traders search for a trustworthy broker. They’ll be more motivated to trade if they have information that a particular platform is reputable. How will they know which broker meets these requirements? Of course, from friends or Internet users. Today, word-of-mouth advertising is very powerful, not only in the trading world. By checking popular social networking sites or social trading platforms, traders learn information about brokers who are in business. Thus, you have to care about existing customers, and they’ll recommend you to their friends or acquaintances. This will result in the acquisition of new traders and the increase of the traffic on your site.

Especially young traders are currently overwhelmed with information available on the Internet. They expect fast results and do not want to spend a considerable amount of time learning to trade. So if you want to acquire customers among this group of people, you have to keep the content simple and provide only the most important, interesting and good quality information.

Boosting success stories

You need to exist in social media. They’re a powerful tool not only for recommending your portal. You can also use it to encourage customers to effect trades. How? You can post some information on others’ accomplishments, publish some motivational quotes, especially if they come from successful traders. The customers will think that if others can earn income, maybe they’ll also succeed. They will also see that some losses do not mean that they cannot get back on the right track and it can teach how to avoid risk in the future.

However, be careful since your customer may start to compare to other traders and look unfavorable in these comparisons. You have to make them aware that the amount of income depends on many factors, e.g. the capital, attitude to risk, trading experience etc. They have to know that their less considerable success is not through the fault of their mistakes but due to other issues.

The technology you apply on your website is also of great significance. It has to follow the recent trends to be attractive for Millennials, and it has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. We live so fast nowadays that we want to spend as little time on each activity as possible.  Use performance analysis tool, which provides traders with the possibility to check out their trading history and performance in real time. Traders who can see the progress or their accomplishments will stay more motivated.

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