Robust and scalable
trading apps

XOH Trader mobile apps offer complete account management, charts, and other vital tools required for real-time financial trading. The platform provides a convenient way to keep up with the market’s latest developments, analyze them, and make appropriate decisions.

Native Apps
Your Branded
trading apps

Immense branding possibilities. Set up your own apps in the stores with your logos in line with your brand.

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Advanced Charts

Industry-proven investment tool that synthesizes complex data to help traders make faster and better trading decisions. All the power of big data at the service of your investments.

Economic Calendar

The fast-updating economic calendar provides clients with information on the most important macro events and economic indicators that are affecting the financial markets.


Free financial news, insights, and trend analysis helping your clients make savvy trading decisions.


A tool that helps traders explore the biggest instrument gainers and losers on the markets.

Market sentiment

Live market sentiment indicator displays the ratio of long versus short positions of all the traders. This tool is perfect to help with making a decision to enter or exit the market.

Push Notifications

The platform informs traders when pending order, Take profit, Stop Loss or Stop out is executed or when margin level drops below a warning threshold. Trading notifications also include rollovers, position expiration, and corporate actions events like dividends, right issues, spin-offs, etc.