Rebranding and new website design

X Open Hub refreshed its brand, which includes: a general change of the company’s identity, a reshaped brand book, a redesigned website, and new marketing materials.

The redesigned website highlights X Open Hub’s unique platform capabilities and liquidity offer more effectively. The new brand is clean, light, and modern, implying that the organization uses cutting-edge technology and provides high-quality service. 

In addition to the enhanced visual presentation of our products’ best features, our website has been enriched with subpages showcasing the capabilities of our powerful widgets, our API, and a list of featured customers and partners.

We have also expanded and revamped the shape of our brochures; so they present our liquidity and technology offerings in a better and more detailed way.

We chose to use lines and exes to build a grid system to make the brand appear light while being structured. In addition, we decided to use 3D clay illustrations with red parts in line with our logo as another essential visual element to represent the financial and technological processes.

Finally, we revamped the brand identity and made advertising materials and website look more modern, fresh, and clean. I am convinced that our brand will distinguish itself from old-school brands of institutional financial companies.

Marketing Manager – Sylwester Jezierski


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