Who can become a Certified Support Provider?

To become XOH Certified Support Provider you have to meet the following requirements:

be registered as a company with a physical office

have professional website

go through extensive training in XOH technology centre

pass a test on XOH technology knowledge to get certification

be up to date with the newest XOH technology developments

What am I getting?

You can freely use XOH Certified Reseller designation to resell our products under your name. We will list your company name and contact details on our website which increase your credibility. We are happy to refer our brokers to you completely free of charge.

Professional support

You will get professional support at any stage of sales process in your language. We speak English, Spanish and Chinese.

Your earnings

Introducer gets predefined percentage of incomes XOH UK earns on introduced broker since the moment of signing the contract.

How It Works?

Use your network and contacts to introduce brokers interested in XOH technology or xSpot multiasset liquidity.

Assist our representatives along sales process.

Broker signs technology or liquidity agreement with XOH UK.

Certified Support Providers can also work as Introducers.


Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.