How does starting your own brokerage house is better than getting a white label?

You keep your customer’s money. You do whatever you want with the trading flow of your customers. You can decide on your spreads and on your products prices. You own your book of customers, nobody can take them from you. You are able to build equity in your company which you can resell later. A Whitelabel is generally offered by brokerage companies as part of their B2B offering, this limits the potential of the operation as trading conditions and the environment is not controlled by partner. More importantly the clients of the White label partner may belong directly to the broker who provides the services. X Open Hub builds, installs, maintains and supports your brokerage. It gives you the ability to take control of the operation and positioning of your brokerage while we operate as your service provider. You retain 100% ownership of your clients. You have control over the trading conditions and able to push your own brand to your clients.

Do I have to be regulated?

Registration brings legitimacy and credibility to your brokerage. Even where registration is optional, your company will benefit from being registered. Where registration is required, your company is required to be registered as a brokerage in order to operate in these locations. You should start by looking at all the markets where you plan to accept clients

If I do want to be registered and regulated what options do I have?

Choosing a suitable jurisdiction to establish a Forex broker company, is a key business decision that requires taking many parameters into consideration including a set of regulatory procedures and compliance with domestic, community and international provisions and requirements.

Can we pay in multiple tranches?

There two elements to setting up and running your brokerage, first step is the setup which enable us to create the environment for you. This includes banding, training and assistance with the initial setup of trading conditions. This process start then the partner has paid the setup fees. Secondly, a recurring monthly fee which is charged to the partner. This fees related to the maintenance, updates and monitoring to ensure service levels are maintained for your brokerage. Both fees can be paid in multiple tranches as long as they are paid in full before the date they are due to be paid

How can I customise our trading platform?

During the creation process of your brokerage, you are able to branding the platform where your company logo is displayed at multiple locations in the environment. You also have the ability to setup default look and feel of the platform as well as adding features such as chat service and RSS feeds. Another great feature of the X Open Hub is the White label creator tool which gives you the ability to create further customised White label front end to push your B2B business or simply other trading names of your business.

What would be my relationship with X Open Hub?

X Open Hub is a service provider to its partners. We build, install, maintain and support our partner’s brokerage operation. Our partners are invoiced for the service we provide and we only accept registered companies as partners.

How do I handle client funds in my brokerage?

Your brokerage operation will need to define how client is handled as per regulatory guidelines. You need to ensure these guidelines are followed with precision as mistreatment of client funds can result in licence being revoked by the regulator and further action maybe taken by the regulator.

Is my brokerage information kept confidential?

Yes. Your brokerage information, as well as your trade data is kept strictly confidential and in line with EU data protection guidelines. .

Does X Open Hub take care of all my brokerage back office needs?

X Open hub will ensures that during the training process, partners are trained to use on all aspects of the environment. An account manager is also allocated to partners for for ongoing support. We do not provide back office services to partners such as handling day to day operation of the brokerage on behalf of partners.

Do we need a bank account?

Yes, you will need a corporate bank account. This is a requirement and we will not be able to on board partners without a bank account.